When You Give

When you give to U-turn World Ministries, you really are giving to the Lord. The money goes to support the various ministries and outreaches, keep the lights on, and to pay one or two on the administrative staff.

However, the money does NOT go into Pastor Kevin’s pocket, to pay any of the other ministers or those who serve. Nor, will you ever hear anyone in the pulpit begging you to give, promising that if you give you will receive 100-fold return or some other financial blessing.

Instead, you are likely to hear the admonishment to NOT give if you have bills to pay.


You will also hear the reminder that if you do give, do it out of a willing and cheerful heart.

Ways To Give

Here are some easy ways to support our church.

Give Online

To give online, click on the link below

Give In Person

Give during any of our services.

Thank You!

Thank you for supporting our church! Click the link below to give online safely and securely!