How It Works

How Does a Man Get Into the Men's Discipleship Home?

The Application Process

When a man decides his life needs to change and that he will do whatever he needs to do to change, then that is usually when he will contact U-turn World Ministries to inquire about the Men's Discipleship Home. At that point, the application process will begin.

Making the Decision

You Done Trying to Fix Yourself?

One Year Program

The Men’s Discipleship Home requires a one-year commitment to be accepted. Make sure you read the Application very carefully, and fully understand that YOU will no longer be in control (afterall, how’s that been working for ya?), but will submit to those in authority over you in order to become the man God created you to be.

Will You Make It?

A lot of men don’t make it past the interview. If they do make it past, then they will receive a five-page “Application” to fill out, which is really a list of rules they must agree to abide by for the duration of their stay.

Again, some men don’t make it past the Application, just because while they know they need to change, they are not yet ready to give up the alcohol or tobacco. Some also have problems with curfews, no cellphone access, and no girlfriend visits.

Proceed to the Admittance Application

To proceed you should read through the Admittance Application and U-turn World Ministries Men's Home Rules