Success Rate

Success is "a New Man in Christ Jesus"

What's Our Success Rate?

Unlike secular or government-run rehabilitation programs, U-turn’s Men’s Discipleship Home doesn’t track failure or success rates. Some men stay the entire six months, learning the Word, doing physical labor, exercising the body, and submitting to authority. Others leave, days, weeks, or even month’s into the program usually because they have not hit rock bottom yet.

However, for those that stay, their lives do change.

Lives Turned Around is How Success is Measured

For those who have graduated from the Men’s Discipleship Home, the majority are still serving the Lord today. Some are active in ministry, serving God and reaching the lost. Not all to into some sort of ministry, all are productive members of society.

Many have seen marriages restored or been blessed to find new spouses. Some have become new fathers, or been restored to their children’s lives, and are giving back what they have learned.

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