Kevin and Clover Alexander


Kevin Alexander, Evangelist and Pastor, Founder of U-Turn World Ministries, is a native of Wise County in north Texas. He and his wife, Clover, have been married since 1997 and have three children. The early years of their marriage were filled with addiction and abuse until through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, Kevin encountered Jesus Christ in a way that forever changed him, and the course of his marriage, family and future. Today, Kevin and Clover spread the Gospel everywhere they go, and always “It’s Go Time!”

He Who the Son Sets Free is Free Indeed – In the early years of their marriage, Kevin battled drug and alcohol addiction. However, by the Power of the Word of God, Kevin experienced a miraculous encounter the delivered him from those addictions and set him on a path that would forever change his and his family’s lives.

From the beginning of his walk with God, Kevin had a desire to see all people come to that same saving knowledge. Immersing himself in the Word of God, he didn’t wait to be led by people, but followed the Word and began seeking out the lost and dying.

To this end, he has planted two churches and has traveled to India, Africa and Haiti, preaching the Gospel with sign and wonders confirming the message. Kevin currently travels, ministering in revivals, churches and prisons with a fire to see the captives set free.

Evangelist Kevin Alexander Anointed to Preach – His dedication to the uncompromised Truth of God’s Word combined with a God-given ability to speak to the lost no matter where they might be found, and to stand against the political correctness and sin permeating today’s Church, gives his messages an anointing that is both life-changing and refreshing. Operating under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, with a determination to preach the Word, no matter how uncomfortable it might be to the hearers, strongholds of addiction are broken through Jesus Christ.

Ministry Reaches Around the World – Evangelist Kevin Alexander currently has an Internet Radio Station that reaches into all the world with the uncompromising Word of God. His desire is to reach the lost at any cost.

“The only thing we can take to heaven with us is another soul.”

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