What Can You Expect When You Visit Our Church

Like many folks these days who do online research, you’ve come to this page because you want to know what can you expect when you visit U-turn World Ministries church. Somehow, you’ve heard about the church, perhaps you live in Chico or in a nearby community, and you’re looking for some information. So we’ll try to answer some of the most obvious questions you may have.

What Denomination is U-turn World Ministries?

What Denomination is U-turn World Ministries?
U-turn World Ministries is not associated with any denomination, so we are what is called “non-denominational”. However, since we do believe in the full Gospel and that ALL of the Gifts of the Spirit are for today, you could consider us leaning toward the pentecostal-type of church.

What Can You Expect to See When You Visit?


Maybe lots of them. If you’ve only ever attended a more traditional denominational church, the number of tattoos might give you pause…or flat out make you uncomfortable at first. After all, most of these are not the pretty colorful little tattoos so popular these days. No, in many cases these are what are commonly known as “prison tats” and are a testimony of the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. So, if you have tattoos, don’t let those keep you from visiting.


Denim jeans. Young, old, men, women, pretty much everyone will be wearing jeans. In fact, you may not see a pair of dress slacks or a dress anywhere. And a necktie? Not unless it’s worn by a first-time visitor. So, if you don’t have a suit or a dress (in the case of you’re a lady), wear your blue jeans and you’ll feel right at home.


Maybe not on your first visit, after all we don’t want to overwhelm you and some of us are shy…nah, we just don’t want to scare you away. But you’ll see lots of hugs not only as people meet and greet each other, but later in the service you may see a hug exchanged following a shared prayer and ministry to one another.



Smiles and laughter. Not long after you walk in the door you will more than likely hear some laughter and see smiles. Often, you’ll hear laughter during the sermon, as Pastor Kevin often shares anecdotes that will have the congregation laughing out loud.

Raised Hands

During praise and worship, or during times of prayer, you will see people with their hands in the air. So, if you get an urge to raise your hand, don’t be shy. Shoot a hand up, both hands if you want, and just worship the Lord.


We believe in praying for each other. Whether it is at the altar or in the aisle, don’t be surprised if you see one or two or a dozen people gathering around a person and praying. In fact, if you have a need, let us pray for you. We believe God answers prayers today, if we’ll only ask.

What Can Expect to Hear When You Visit?