Reaching The Lost At Any Cost!

U-Turn Ministers in Texas Prisons

Holy Spirit Power in Prisons

U-Turn World Ministries Prison Ministry teams go into several prisons throughout the State of Texas. Several members of these ministry teams have actually spent time on the other side of the bars, and now feel a real calling from the Lord to minister to those still incarcerated. 
Through this Prison Ministry we have seen thousands come to Christ.
 Gang leaders and members regularly renounce their affiliation and turn to Christ.
We have seen the hardest of the hard broken by the power of the Holy Spirit.
U-Turn World Ministries is turning people to Jesus!
Back in 2019 UTWM’s Prison Ministry held over 200 services in Texas prisons, and was on schedule to do even more in 2020. Unfortunately, early in that year everything shut down every where across the country, including Texas prisons.
Finally, in early 2022, some facilities in the Texas prison system have started opening up. Once again, UTWM’s Prison Ministry Teams are being allowed back inside to hold services and reach the lost.

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